The benefits of combining Massage and Chiropractic

So what are the benefits of combining Massage and Chiropractic?

Have you ever thought about combining your chiropractic treatments with massage or vice versa?
Well, here are some reasons to think about combining the two:

Chiropractic treatments predominantly focus on the skeletal system and joint dysfunction with subsequent nerve irritation that cause muscles to spasm and weaken. Where as, massage predominantly focuses on muscles, to relieve pain, reduce stress and rehabilitate injuries.

Sometimes it can be a bit of the chicken and the egg situation when it comes to determining whether it’s the joint that’s causing the muscle issue or the muscle that causes the joint dysfunction. That’s why you’ll notice that our chiropractors implement both adjustment/mobilisations with a range of soft tissue techniques.

However, sometimes the body may need a little more TLC to ensure that you’re getting back to the things you love in a short amount of time. During this time, you may hear us inter refer you to another practitioner to ensure that your body gets the very best treatment for what it needs.

We believe that massage and chiropractic work hand in hand to address the joints and muscles that make up the musculoskeletal system. And notice that those who combine treatment normally have better outcomes as:

  • Decrease in muscle tension can be associated with more comfortable adjustments
  • Quicker results in pain reduction and increased mobility
  • Stress relieving

Our massage therapists are incredible here and ensure that they are working within your pain tolerance to get the job done. Not everyone is the same, some like the pressure soft, while some prefer more pressure. Our team knows how to work within your limits and provide you care that suits your needs.

Have a chat to your therapist whether it’s the chiropractor or massage therapist to see whether a combining treatments is for you.