Golf Screenings & Assessments

Golf Screenings & Assessments in Graceville

Based out of the Thrive Health Co. clinic, our aim is to work with our clients and their team (Golf Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Psychologist, Nutritionist etc.) to provide the highest quality care for your injury prevention, management, rehabilitation, and golf performance needs.

THRIVE GOLF Injury & Performance was created by Josh in 2012 as CORE GOLF and is a golf-specific healthcare service that provides the most cutting edge, scientifically proven golf screenings/assessments, physical therapy, and exercise prescription for golfers of all levels and ages.

As medical professionals, Alasdair and Josh are perfectly placed to be able to help you optimise your movement capability, stability and strength to help you begin to transform what’s physically possible for you to achieve in your golf swing.

Thrive Health Co. owner Dr Josh Nelson is one of the foremost experts in Golf Health & Fitness within Australasia. Josh is a level 3 certified Medical professional with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) – the world’s leading authority on Golf Health & Fitness, and also lectures and instructs for the company throughout Australia. Josh has also authored a number of highly regarded articles in publications such as Golf Australia Magazine and Australian Golf Digest.

Alasdair Jones joined Thrive Health Co in 2023 as a highly experienced Physiotherapist who has worked with golfers of all abilities from the complete beginner to professional golfer for more than 20 years, and also holds the highest level qualification as a TPI Medical 3 Certified Professional.

Both Alasdair and Josh will help you with any existing injuries or limitations, as well as delve deeper with a golf specific physical screening based on the TPI data, to provide you an understanding of exactly where you can improve, as well as isolating the root cause(s) of any issues are and provide clear solutions.

At Thrive we provide the highest quality care for their injury management, injury rehabilitation, and golf performance needs.

What is the Titleist Performance Institute?

For over twenty years, TPI has gathered the world’s largest technical database of the game’s top Tour professionals as well as every-day golfers. TPI collects 3D motion capture, force, pressure, launch monitor, strength, power, and movement data on every player that visits the TPI campus in California. Using this data, TPI discovered how a properly functioning body allows a player to swing a golf club in the most efficient way possible.

The TPI philosophy is simple – There are an infinite number of ways to swing a golf club. However, there is one most-efficient way for each player to swing a club and it is based on what they can physically do.

A Golf Specific Screening Can Include:

  • TPI Screen/Assessment
  • Detailed Report of Findings for you and your Coach
  • Golf specific Digital Postural Assessment
  • TPI Bio-mechanical Golf Swing Analysis
  • Golf specific TPI Exercise Program

Our health care experts have extensive experience across numerous professional sports, including working alongside the world’s leading golf specific medical and fitness professionals at the Titleist Performance Institute. The aim of THRIVE GOLF is to create Australia’s leading golf-specific health care facility and online community where golfers of all ages and levels can learn about their physical health and how it relates to their swing.