Strengthen your Glutes with these Pilates Exercises

So what can we do to strengthen and activate our glutes?

Your glutes are a very important muscle in your body, especially for walking, running, lower back and hip stability. Having glutes that activate correctly is vital in overall body well-being. Poor glute strength and activation can lead to lower back and hip pain, especially if you are a runner.

Simone Richter our Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor demonstrates in the video below some Pilates exercises that can help build the strength in your glutes

The Side-lye clam series
1. Clams 12x, last rep hold for 10 seconds
2. Clams with heels lifted, 12x, last rep hold for 10 seconds
3. Straight leg lift, 12x, last rep hold for 10 seconds
4. Circles, 10x each direction.