Sports Chiropractors – Don’t just treat backs!

One of the myths or misconceptions out there is that Chiropractors just treat the spine. That is completely not true, most of our Chiropractors at Thrive Health Co. are trained in Sports Chiropractic and can treat extremities such as arms, legs and feet.

On top of the standard Chiropractic treatment techniques you may have encountered previously, Sports Chiropractors also have an in-depth understanding of sports injuries and how they relate specifically to your sport. Our Sports Chiropractors will go through an orthopedic and neurological tests with you to determine exactly what is the underlying cause of your concerns and treat accordingly. They utilise a combination of specific and gentle Chiropractic adjustments/mobilisations, soft tissue release techniques, rehabilitative exercises, strapping/taping, and specific advice around how you can avoid injuries and improve performance out on the court/field!

So if you haven’t been getting the best results previously with the care that you have received, come and see one of our Chiropractors to see how we can help you. BOOK here