Neural Stretch to help with Nerve Pain or Sciatica

We often have patients coming to Thrive Health Co. that present with lower back pain with associated leg referral (or sciatica) type pain into their legs.

This can be a sharp burning pain, and sometimes also pins and needles down your legs or into your foot. If you are suffering symptoms similar to this, we would suggest a thorough assessment and treatment to determine the exact cause of your symptoms and treat appropriately for a full recovery.

Simone Richter, one of our Physiotherapist demonstrates a neural stretch exercise that can help you relieve your leg referral symptoms that you can perform at home.

Laying on your back, one leg bent up and the other leg straightened, place a stretch band (which can be purchased in clinic- otherwise you can try a towel or belt at home) around the ball of your foot. Lift your leg up completely straight with your head relaxed down until you feel a slight stretch, hold there and point and pull your ankle and toes 10x up/down, lift your leg higher and repeat 10x, lift one more time to as high as you can comfortably go, you will feel a stretch and pull down your leg but it shouldn’t be painful or causing you to grimace, if it is, lower your leg. Repeat the ‘foot pumps’ 10x, repeat both legs if symptoms are both sides, otherwise only on the leg that you’re experiencing pain, pins and needles or numbness in. Optimally do this stretch morning and night, and if you find it effective you can repeat throughout the day as necessary to relieve symptoms. It is a nerve gliding exercise to reduce the nerve pain down your leg and is very effective if done diligently!