Improve your netball game with these exercises

Want to improve your netball game?

The netball season is over! I hope this season was a successful one for you and you achieved your goals….and of course won the grand final! Are you wondering what to do now that it’s off season? Now is the time to reflect on your season and start thinking about your netball goals for next season. Off season is the perfect time to work on your game – but away from the court, so you can come back next season with a better netball performance.

What do you want to do better at next season?

The netballers that come into the clinic often say they want to have faster feet, jump higher, or want to be able to get around the body quicker. All of these skills require both speed and power – perfect skills to work on this offseason!

The way we work on our speed and power is by first working on muscle strength. Once we have built a good base of strength, we then look at the specific skills required to quickly generate the speed and power needed on the netball court.

Here are a few recommendations (my favourite exercises!) for building your full body muscle strength which will allow you to have strong legs, strong arms and strong core’s – all essential in being the best Netballer you can be.

You can do these exercises at home or if you have a gym membership I would recommend you hit the gym and add weights in order to get the greatest strength improvements. If you haven’t been to the gym before or haven’t been taught these exercises come into the clinic and see me. I will teach you how to do these exercises (and more) with perfect technique. Because how you squat is how you land, it’s how you jump, it’s key to not only your netball, but your other sports and also, believe it or not in your everyday life. Good technique is key.

  • Squats – ensure your knees stay in line with your toes, but don’t let them go in front of your toes, and squeeze your glutes (buttocks) to stand up.
  • Single leg squats – ensure your knee stays in line with your toes, but don’t let it go in front of your toes and squeeze your glute (the side of the leg that you are working) to stand up
  • Push ups – keep your shoulders, hips and ankles in one straight line if you were to look from the side, elbows tucked in (just like your chest pass). If these are tricky, have your knees on the ground or have your hands up on a bench, box or table (or the kitchen bench)
  • Side plank – ensure you are in one straight line from your head down to your knees, to make it tricky, lift your top leg up J or try from your feet.
  • Calf raises – ensure to keep your ankle inline, don’t let it roll out to the side.
  • Bonus exercise – Keep working on your balance! Stand on your pillow or an unstable surface, even try and close your eyes for 30 seconds

Perform these exercises 3 times per week, 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps with a warm up and then cool down stretches. Once you have completed this program for 4-6 weeks, come in and see me at the clinic and we can continue to progress.

Wanting a specific program just for you so you can take your game to the next level? Book in for an Individual Netball Assessment and we can see what areas are key for you to focus on and receive a full exercise program written up specifically for you.

Happy off season!