Wine & Women’s Health Workshop

With so much information out there on Women’s Health issues, it can sometimes be a case of information overload. Women already have enough on our plate, having to google ‘how to do a kegel exercise’ because we are constantly told we need to strengthen our pelvic floor, is just another thing to add to our ‘to do’ list.

“I leak when I laugh/cough/sneeze” & “I just can’t jump on a trampoline” are becoming more common conversations had by women today. However there are still a few taboo topics that women want to know about, but are just too embarrassed to ask for help or are unsure where to seek advice.

Our Women’s Health Physiotherapist Rebekah Kenos is running a FREE workshop “Wine & Women’s Health” covering all the sensitive topics and more. It’s everything you want to know as a woman!

Topics Rebekah will cover are:

  • The pelvic floor – What is it? Where is it? What does it do? How do I strengthen it?
  • What are the signs/symptoms of weak pelvic floor?
  • Incontinence – stress incontinence, urgency and urge incontinence – What can you do about it?
  • Prolapse – symptoms and management
  • Safe exercise for a weak pelvic floor
  • Good bladder and bowel habits – norms, constipation, straining, urinary tract infections and urinary retention
  • Core strength – How it is linked to back pain?
  • Painful sex, vaginal dryness, tight pelvic floor
  • Gynaecological surgery and how Physiotherapy is helpful.

So grab your friends and register for a FREE Ticket to this workshop and come and share a wine and information evening.