What’s the Fusion all about?  

At Thrive Health Co. our Ex Phys runs small group (3-5 people) exercise classes called Thrive Fusion. These classes are highly specialised for men and women with chronic pain and injuries. Each class runs for 45minutes. Fusion, aptly named, fuses the best of yoga, stretching and mobility, with pilates floor work using a variety of equipment. What makes Fusion so unique, and the only one of its kind, is you learn to activate the core, glute and posture muscles in floor based positions and then learn how to use these muscles in standing positions that simulate gym strengthening exercises, and every day functional movements. Each class is different, very social and lot’s of fun. But don’t take our word for it; here is what a few of our class participants have to say;  


‘I’ve been attending Rachel’s Fusion classes for more than 3 years. I started with one class each week, then 2 and now 3. I love them. The classes are fun and friendly, and incorporate a variety of exercises that provide for ongoing improvement in strength, stability and mobility. Rachel’s instructions are clear and helpful, she seeks feedback throughout the class and always adjusts exercises to each individual’s ability and any ‘sore spots’ on the day. Not only do I feel better and more energised at the end of each class, my long term knee and back problems have greatly improved and most importantly I’ve learnt to activate my glutes!’– Jayne 


‘’After suffering at times from quite debilitating back pain, I was recommended by a friend to try the Thrive fusion class. After a number of classes, I didn’t realise how ‘locked up’ I was and the class has really helped me loosen up, to the point where the pain has now gone. And as an added bonus, due to the focus on glutes in the class, I can finally keep up with my wife on mountainous walks!’’ – Duncan  


‘’Rachel gets the best out of everyone in her class with her positivity and thoughtfully-crafted regime! Each session is different, and this keeps students engaged and feeling good. Since I started classes with Rachel, I have grown stronger, and have had a good run with no injuries due to the care that she takes with each session. I have also been able to strengthen parts of my body that were previously injured, with wonderful effects for injuries from 30 years ago. Besides the physical benefits, Rachel’s positive and encouraging nature really gives each student a sense of confidence and accomplishment. I have immense appreciation for what Rachel does, and how she contributes to the health, well-being and happiness of each of her students!’’- Ping  


‘’Thrive’s fusion classes really do make a difference. With loads of encouragement and positivity Rachel leads us through a series of exercises that build and maintain our strength and flexibility – within a few weeks I noticed the difference. I make sure I attend at least once a week to enjoy the challenge of the exercise and the camaraderie of the small and friendly group. No session is the same – Rachel really mixes up the variety and tempo, and always gives individual attention to each of us, supporting our goals and maintaining our motivation.’’ – Sue  


‘’I love Rachel’s fusion classes and look forward to attending twice each week. Since attending I’ve become so much stronger and my balance has even improved. I never though holding a plank position from my toes could be fun.’’ – Cathi  


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