The safest way to return to exercise postpartum

The biggest culprit for injuries post-partum is getting back into exercise before you are ready.

Whether you delivered your beautiful bub 6 weeks ago or 6 years ago we highly recommend learning to re-activate your pelvic muscles prior to getting back into your pre-pregnancy exercise program.

Jumping back into your pre-birth routine too early:

We unfortunately see a number of injuries in mums who have re-commenced their pre-bub exercise regime such as their HIIT type classes, or gym programs without being assessed and cleared to start exercising or properly progressing back. These fun and effective exercise programs which tend to incorporate heavy weights alongside high impact, high intensity exercise such as running, jumping and skipping tend to pose the highest risk for injury if not properly progressed back into in a gradual manner.

What pregnancy changes in your body:

Due to the number of changes your body went through during your pregnancy journey – your posture, your walking pattern, your muscle strength and your joint stability may have changed. Over the course of your 9 month pregnancy, your muscles and ligaments slowly lengthened as your pelvis and tummy grew and this happened slowly across your pregnancy giving your body time to adapt to these changes. Following the birth of your bub your body drastically changed overnight with no time to slowly adapt. This is why it is so important to re-introduce your muscles back into firstly how to activate and then strengthen gradually before re-commencing full weights and gym.

Getting Assessed and guided into getting back into exercise:

We highly recommend starting back into exercise gently by learning to re-activate your core and glute muscles, we need to make sure your pelvis is stable first. If you are confident that you are able to activate your glute and core muscles, try our Mums & Bub’s pilates class or our Fusion classes at Thrive. If you need a little reminder to make sure you are activating these muscles correctly whether you have learned this previously or whether you haven’t, book in for an Exercise Physiology session. Our AEP will check out your movement, look at your joint stability and mobility. From here you will be recommended which exercises to perform prior to getting back to your full exercise program or classes.

Book in for a Postpartum Assessment with our Women’s Health Physio Simone or book your pre-exercise assessment with our Exercise Physiology at Thrive to re-activate your glutes and core muscles before you resume your exercise regime. See you at Thrive! To book in click here