The Importance of Exercise over 55 years of age

The importance of Exercise over 55 years of age with our Accredited Exercise Physiologist Rachel.

It’s very important to make exercise an everyday habit at any age. When you’re not active and you have a sedentary lifestyle, over time you will get stiff, lose muscle mass and risk becoming injured.

Keeping active throughout your life helps you to maintain your abilities to do daily living activities without suffering pain or injury. Having weak muscles, particularly your core can impair how well your body functions.
Having a strong core enhances your balance and stability to prevent falls and injuries that may occur otherwise.

Our classes are run by our Accredited Exercise Physiologist Rachel Forbes and focuses on strength and conditioning exercises to keep your body flexible. By having a flexibility and mobility you will aid your body in a number of ways, including: Preventing back pain, maintaining your balance and coordination, improving your posture and increasing in bone density, enhancing digestion and improving your breathing.

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