The Health of Your Spine… Are you Brushing and Flossing your Back Regularly?

How is the health of your spine?

I love the Dentist…. says almost no one ever (except for me)! From a very young age we are all taught the importance of dental hygiene, whether it is brushing twice per day, flossing after meals, or avoiding those things that stain our teeth like coffee and red wine. We understand clearly that if we don’t look after our teeth then we will develop cavities that will lead to dental work and possibly more serious dental issues down the track.

So WHY IS IT that we are never taught from an early age the importance of spinal hygiene and how crucial regular movement is to the health of your spine , nervous system, and your overall body? As a Chiropractor I am consistently treating adults that could have avoided a lot of their current aches, pains, and postures by doing some simple preventative exercises at home each day. These simple movements don’t take long and should be looked at as important as brushing and flossing twice per day. Quite simply, if you can’t create 5-10 minutes into your routine twice per day for health of your spine, then you might have to re-assess how important your health is to you!

The health of your spine, is much more crucial to your overall health than your teeth and it’s time we start to recognise just how important it is.

Here Dr. Josh explains why regular maintenance of your spinal health can avoid any niggly pain or discomfort becoming a major problem.

Below are four of my favourite exercises for spinal hygiene, They don’t take long but they can make a huge difference when done diligently and regularly.

If you are unable to do any of the movements either due to stiffness or pain then a check up with one of our amazing Chiropractors would be a great place to start (just like you would go to the Dentist if you were worried about your teeth).

As always, we are only ever a phone call (07 3716 0199) or an email away at the clinic if you want to learn more but for now…. get brushing!

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