The Benefit of Exercise and Strength & Conditioning for Seniors with Thrive Seniors Classes

Thrive Health Co. is offering Exercise, Strength and Conditioning Classes for Seniors because we believe it’s very important to make exercise an everyday habit at any age. When you’re not active and you have a sedentary lifestyle, over time you will get stiff, lose muscle mass and risk becoming injured.

The Thrive Health Co. Seniors Classes are a fantastic social setting where we perform exercises to improve your flexibility, your strength and your balance. Our classes are for all skill levels from complete beginners to experienced exercisers. Our classes are run by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who will teach you how to stand, walk and move using all the right muscles. This is very important, particularly if you suffer from any joint or muscle aches and pains, if you have any injuries past or present or if you would like to prevent any future physical complaints.

As we get older we unfortunately begin to lose our lean muscle mass which is why you may notice a reduction in leg strength and power – this makes it very tough to stand up from a chair without using your arms and getting out of the car can prove very difficult. You may notice your balance is not what it used to be, and you are not as confident when walking. You may also find your upper back and shoulders have become stiff which makes it harder to perform your every day activities. If you have experienced any of this, come and try Thrive’s Seniors Classes – they are designed specifically for you. Everyone is welcome, come and give it a go!

To put a spring back in your step, improve your energy, your flexibility, your strength and balance, while also having a great time, come and try out our Seniors Classes at Thrive.

Classes are 10:30am on a Tuesday and a Thursday morning. We will be creating additional classes too so ensure to let us know what days and times work for you.
In order to serve as many Seniors as we can within the community we have a very special rate of $15 per class.

For all enquiries and to BOOK in your spot, call Thrive Health Co. on 07 3716 0199 or email

See you in the clinic soon!