Sleeping Posture

We all love our sleep. Who doesn’t look forward to hopping into bed at night after a tough day at work. The best way to achieve a great night’s sleep, recommended to include 7-9 hours, is to have a good chiropractic approved supportive mattress and pillow.

If your mattress is too soft, too hard, or lumpy it puts abnormal stresses on different joints throughout the spine. As a result over time, those joints will degenerate. Similarly, if your pillow is too soft or flat it causes the neck to side bend and more pressure is placed on the muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints of the lower neck, causing wear and tear in the joints and can lead to nerve damage.

This causes a whole range of problems, such as pins and needles down the arm, headaches, muscle tension in the shoulders and more. A good test to see if your mattress is suitable is to lie on your side and look to see if your spine is straight and your neck is in line with your spine. Your shoulder and hip should sink into the mattress equally. Here, at Thrive Health Co. we offer expert advice on the correct mattress and pillow best suited to you and your spine.

At Thrive Health Co. we are able to educate you on the correct sleeping posture and the big no no’s that are harmful to your spine and body. Remember, we spend one third of our lives sleeping so it is important we have the correct posture and allow our bodies to have the best possible rest they deserve.

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