Sitting and poor posture, what it’s really doing to our backs

At Thrive Health Co. we would say approximately 90% of our patients admit to sitting with poor posture and they all agree it causes or aggravates their back pain. Did you know, we spend up to 80% of our day sitting down; working at the computer, watching television, eating meals, work meetings and so on. As soon as we hear the word posture we all sit up, knowing it is healthier for us to sit with the correct posture. But WHY?

The spine consists of 24 moving vertebra, each separated by a soft cushion called the Intervertebral Disc (IVD). The IVD is the shock absorber of the spine and bears the load put through the spine in movement and whilst sitting.

When we sit with the correct posture with our back straight, legs at right angles, shoulders back and down and head in line with our shoulders, there is 140kg of pressure being put through the last spinal disc. If you sit incorrectly; slouching in your chair, slumped on the couch, leaning forward or hunched over at the shoulders, the weight on that L5 disc more than doubles. Damage to the L5 disc causes a lot of pain, often referral of pain down the legs or into the buttock. Over time the L5 disc degenerates, leading to loss of function, reduced mobility, boney spurs and irreversible joint fusion.

At Thrive Health Co. we are specialists in assessing and realigning your spine to keep it mobile and healthy. We also offer expert advice on the correct sitting posture and suitable exercises and stretches to strengthen and stabilise your spine to keep it mobile for the years ahead.

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