Running Shoe- How to Choose The Right Shoe For You!

How to choose the right running shoe (sports shoe) for you!. Choosing footwear can be tough with so many options, how do you know which is the right shoe for you?

Here are some tips to help choose the right shoes for you:

1. Choose a shoe that is specific to your activity as opposed to an all-round shoe. For example, a common mistake is wearing running shoes whilst lifting weights in the gym. Most running shoes are design with thicker, cushioned soles that compress irregularly with added weight.

2. When fitting shoes there should be just under a thumb width between the toes and the front of the shoe. This will mean that most women should be fitted with a sports shoe that is a larger size than their causal shoes. As we run, our feet slide forward in the shoe and without sufficient room, the toes may be crushed against the front of the shoe.

3. Try to grip the upper material across the ball of the foot. If you can grab a large amount of the material then the shoe is too wide, if you can’t move any of the material then the shoe is too narrow. The foot should also sit on top of the sole, if your foot is bulging over the sole on either side, it is not fitting correctly.

4. Check the amount of twist in the sole of the shoe. Too much twist means the shoe doesn’t assist the foot enough, too little twist and the shoe will be too heavy/stiff.

5. Most importantly, choose a shoe that you feet comfortable in. Don’t be afraid to try on 10 pairs just to find the right ones.

If you are thinking of changing to minimalist running shoes or attempting barefoot running, make sure the transition is performed slowly. It takes about 6 months to transition completely to minimalist running shoes and 12 months to barefoot running.

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