Physiotherapist’s and Chiropractor’s working together… How does that work?

Since opening the Thrive Health Co. doors back in October 2017, we have found that many of our clients ask us how Chiropractors and Physiotherapists can work together?

Some of the questions we are asked on a regular basis include:

“Aren’t you either a Chiro person or a Physio person?”

“I only ever see a Chiro… Physio’s just put you on machines and work on two to three people at once!”

“I only ever see a Physio… Chiro’s just crack your back and you’re in and out in less than two minutes!”

“It’s so frustrating that my Chiro and Physio don’t communicate with each other!”

It is because of comments like this that the inception of Thrive Health Co. was born. It makes sense to have experts in Musculoskeletal Health Care all under the one roof and communicating with each other to provide a well rounded, holistic service for our patients. All of our service providers are experts in their field and are so passionate in ensuring we provide our clients with the absolute best Chiropractic and Physiotherapy care.

Our Chiropractors take the time on each visit to ensure a thorough re-assessment, safe and gentle mobilisations / adjustments to restricted joints, specific soft-tissue release techniques, ergonomic advice, and rehab exercises to ensure you are getting better as quickly as possible.

Our Physiotherapists utilise a combination of soft-tissue massage techniques, dry-needling (western acupuncture), strapping/taping, ergonomic advice, and thorough exercise advice to ensure a speedy and long lasting recovery.

Our team of Chiropractors and Physiotherapist’s are in constant communication to discuss your needs to ensure we are on track to getting you out of pain and back functioning at full health as quickly as possible! When necessary we cross refer to each other and you can have the peace of mind that we understand your whole history from seeing other practitioners within our clinic before you even walk in the room!

We also have the ability to refer you on to one of our other experienced health care providers should we feel you need a little further help to get you out of pain and back functioning at optimum health. Experienced Health Care Providers all in one place, working together compounds the benefits for our clients. A team of the very best Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage & Myotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, and Pilates Instructors in order to get you the results you need in the shortest amount of time possible. We strive to always provide you with the very best experience, allowing you to feel confident that we will get you to your health goals as soon as possible. We are very fortunate to have an experienced team that truly cares about getting you well and giving you the tools to stay that way well in to the future.

So if you’re not entire happy with any of your current health professionals, or would simply prefer to work with a team whose main focus is getting you out of pain and moving well as quickly as possible or maintaining your health, please feel free to contact us or come in for a free chat at any time!

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Written by:
Dr Joshua Nelson
B.ChiroSc, M.Chiro, ICCSP, TPI MP3
Owner/Principal of Thrive Health Co.
CORE GOLF Injury & Performance