Peri-Post Menopausal? What if these 5 sessions could change your life?

At Thrive Health Co. we specialise in exercise programming and advice for Peri- and Post Menopausal Women.

Due to the number of women coming into the clinic seeking advice in this area, we have created a 5 session program specialised for you and the stage of menopause that you may be in, whether you are approaching menopause or you are years beyond it.

  • In Session 1 we will assess you, your current exercise, your movement quality and health, your current pain or injuries and we discuss your menopausal symptoms to help you gain a deeper understanding of these symptoms and why t hey may be occurring.
  • In Session 2 we address any muscle imbalances you may have to improve your movement quality and health with aims to reduce your pain levels. We will teach you optimum pelvic floor and core activation as well as glute muscle activation – did you know we actually have three glute muscles? Do you know how to activate them? This session is crucial due to the higher risk of injuries within the Peri/Post menopause.
  • By Session 3 you will know how to activate the right muscles and you will be on your way to creating better stability through your joints. We will then teach you how to lift weights! You will be better equipped to optimise your current exercise in the classes you attend, in your current gym program, or perhaps you wish to try something new or would like to create a home workout plan.
  • In Session 4 we will ‘make-over’ your current exercise schedule so that you can achieve your specific goals, this includes your walking or running routine, your strength routine, even your food intake. We want to empower you and ensure you are ticking the right boxes to put you closer to where you want to be.
  • In Session 5 we will strengthen your bones! We will teach you about the best ways to improve your bone density. Depending on your current activity level and your injury status advice varies for each individual in this area.

Following these five sessions you will have a deeper understanding of your body and how you move, you will know how to improve any aches and pains, you will know how to activate the right muscles, you will understand your menopausal symptoms as well as why what you have been doing your whole life just doesn’t work anymore.

That unexplained weight gain that just keeps on increasing – there is a reason for it. Learn that changing how you move your body and what you put into your body will help stimulate what your hormones used to do. Training more and eating less has been proven to be incorrect and in fact will do the complete opposite to what you want. Come in and let’s show you the way.

Keen to start our Peri/Post Menopausal Program? Book in for an Initial Assessment with Rachel our Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Who knows it could actually change your life.