Netball Performance, Netball Injuries and How an Exercise Physiologist can help!

Netball Performance, Netball Injuries and how an Accredited Exercise Physiologist can help.

Netball is fast. Faster than I believe it was first intended to be played. Is this the cause for the high injury rate in Netball? How can Exercise Physiologist’s (EP) improve Netball Performance?

Thrive Health Co.’s Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Former International Netballer Rachel Forbes tells us about her role as an Exercise Physiologist in Netball performance and injury prevention.

Can you land – lightly? How’s your vertical leap? Your speed off the mark? Your two-step dodge? How’s your injury rate?

Netball is a fast paced game, actually make that VERY fast. It is a sport with an incredible combination of speed, agility, skill and strategy.

I have always been very interested in how to improve my performance out on court, how I can move my body more efficiency, how can I jump higher, dodge faster, beat my opponent’s speed and win that ball. And most importantly, how do I reduce my risk of injury.

Through my experience as a player and as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist I have learned that performance enhancement and injury prevention comes hand in hand. To improve speed, jumping ability and agility we need to activate the right muscles, at the right time, as fast as we can, oh but don’t forget this needs to be with control too (and also while you are flying through the air turning to get a good ball away before you land out of court). It’s a great game!

When you use the correct muscles, not only are you going to get the best performance out of your body, you are maintaining health of your muscles and bones (your musculoskeletal health). It is known that the highest cause of injury is previous injury, so what causes it in the first place?

Injury isn’t always a one off incident; it isn’t just that you used your muscle or joint the incorrect way that one time during that particular match or that particular training session that resulted in injury. It is repetitive incorrect use overtime not only within your Netball, but your other sports, and even how you move on a day to day basis, how you stand, how you walk. How you’ve moved your entire life may be leading you to a higher risk of injury. So how do you reduce your risk?

This is where an Exercise Physiologist comes in. Exercise Physiologist’s conduct a Posture, Walking and Movement Assessment to see how you move your body, what muscles you are using, how you are loading your joints. At Thrive Health Co. we specialise with Netballers, we look at how you jump and how do you land, we teach you what muscles to use to get the most out of your body and ensure you are moving to your body’s full potential.

If you are interested in learning about your movement, book in for a Netball Assessment at Thrive Health Co. Find out exactly what you need to improve on. Then try out Thrive Health Co.’s Netball Classes where you will learn about your body, how to move your body as efficiently as possible and use the correct Netball muscles. Improve your performance out on court and reduce your risk for injury. Learn to move like a professional Netballer.

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