Netball Performance and Injury Prevention

At Thrive Health Co. we are passionate about Netball Performance and Injury Prevention. We are lucky enough to have Accredited Exercise Physiologist Rachel Forbes (ex Commonwealth Games Netballer) as part of our team. Rachel is extremely dedicated to ensuring the next generation of our elite Netballers are functioning at their best, injury free.

Rachel tells us it’s all about awareness and education, For Coaches, Parents and Players;

On the Netball Court

How do we create strong Netball bodies? For Bodies that are still growing, for bodies that are fully grown;

Bodies that can:

· run as fast as possible

· dodge like lightning

· jump sky high

· land safely and with balance

Let me start with saying…Netball is the greatest sport! If you agree with me, I trust you will continue to read on.

For those of you who have been injured by the sport I understand why you may not agree with this statement. Trust me, I get it, I’ve been injured by Netball too. It’s why I am so passionate about teaching our young Netballer’s about their bodies and their Netball muscles. Every time we step out onto the court, contesting for the ball, up against our opponent or running through a tight gap into space, we understand there is always a little bit of a risk for contact style injury. But how about those other niggly injuries that occur when no one else is around? Can these be prevented?

Let’s not get into the ‘why’ we get injured, but how do we reduce those non-contact injuries that seem to be so prevalent in Netball right now.

The answer to eliminating injury potential is all about how you move your body, what muscles you use and when! Yes Netball is a game of skill, but how skilled are you at moving your own body?

As Netball has become more competitive, there has been an increase in the number of young Netballer’s coming into our clinic with pain from as young as 12 years old. No matter how young you are, or even young at heart, we don’t want you to be in pain. We want you to be living and exercising with ease and having the time of your life, with no limitations.

If you are a coach, parent or player; Thrive Health Co. delivers Netball Workshops. We come out to your club, your school, your association and deliver group workshops to teach you about your body, your movement and how to activate those netball muscles. We give players and coaches the knowledge and tools to implement straight into their playing, and training sessions. We want you to create the ripple effect and continue to teach your Netballer’s this information for not only optimum Netball performance but let’s do everything we can to reduce these non-contact style injuries.

At Thrive Health Co. we also perform Individual Netball Assessments, we look at how skilled you are at moving your body to find out if there are any particular areas that could be optimised.

You have full control of your own body, let’s give you the knowledge and tools so that you can use your body to the best of your ability.

Book an Individual Netball Assessment or a Netball Workshop, or for further information email

Happy Netball-ing 🙂