Movement Assessment

Movement Assessment or ‘Check Up’

Why you should be getting your movement assessed, even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete.

We are all athletes, no matter what sport we play (or don’t play), what your body does for you on a daily basis is worth the ‘athlete’ status – trust me. We are day-to-day athletes.

We sometimes can take our bodies for granted particularly when they are feeling good. But when they aren’t, boy do we know about it. When that pain strikes or when an injury occurs, that’s when we give our bodies the attention they need. What if we could see it coming?

At Thrive Health Co. we are all about prevention, and we encourage our patients to book in for a twice yearly movement assessment or ‘check up’. Just like you go to your dentist for your teeth and gums check up, your movement is just as important.

Our body adapts to everything we do. Any physical stress we put our body under it will get fitter, stronger, and more flexible as a result – how cool is that?! Our body is a product of the movement we perform. In order to stay healthy and in balance, our body likes moving and it likes variety. So the key to body health is movement and variety – easier said than done though, right?

If your body is doing the same thing day in and day out it will adapt to that. If you are standing or sitting at a desk for your workday, driving for extended periods of time performing the same exercise daily – let’s just check in with the body and see how it is holding up. We do this through looking at your body movement, discussing how you’re moving and creating the balance your body is asking for. This may be with prescribing the addition of an exercise, or a stretch, you will be prescribed a ‘supplement’ a ‘movement supplement’ to keep you on the health track and prevent those unwanted aches and pains.

Let’s prevent pain and injuries from the outset. Whether you are a weekend warrior, a regular exerciser, an intermittent exerciser or not really an exerciser at all, we encourage you to book in for a Movement Assessment / Check up.

At Thrive we want you to be living and moving with ease, without pain or limitations. We want you to be living your best life. To keep your body healthy, keep it moving.

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