Knee pain? A Chiropractors guide to how you can fix it!

Do you suffer knee pain? A Chiropractors guide to how you can fix it!

Knee pain is a common and disabling complaint that we see at Thrive Health Co. The are many things that can cause knee pain and treatment for knee pain always follows a thorough assessment by one of our experienced health care providers.

The most common knee pain is in the front of the knee – behind or around the kneecap itself. This is usually caused by weak and tight quadricep muscles, which cause the kneecap to grind on the bones behind it. This aggravates the cartilage, causes achy pain and occasionally some swelling.

Other less common types of knee pain are meniscus (cartilage) and ligament pain. These usually occurs from higher velocity injuries whether through sport or a trip or fall. These injuries can take longer to heal and need necessary treatment and rehabilitation to restore function.

So how can we fix it you ask?

After a thorough assessment of the knee itself, we will look at your movement patterns –walking, squatting and lunging…. Or if you are in good physical shape we might ask you to do a single-leg squat. This will allow us to see why your knee has become overloaded and injured.

Once we have assessed your movement patterns, we can apply manual techniques (massage, adjustments and taping) to release the muscles and tissues around the knee. This should ease and relieve the knee pain. We then tailor a rehabilitation program to ensure full recovery from your knee complaint. This commonly involves exercises for your muscles around your knee as well as your hip – as this provides stability for you knee.

If you are experiencing any knee pain or discomfort in your knee, please come and get assessed by one of our experienced Chiropractors or Physiotherapists to see what’s happening and how you can fix it! Bookings: 07) 3716 0199 or ONLINE

Written by Dr. Michael Singh