Is Your Golf Game a Pain in the Neck or Back?

As many of you already know, Thrive Health Co.’s owner Dr. Josh Nelson is one of Australia’s leading experts in Golf Health & Fitness and therefore we see a number of Golfers within the clinic every day suffering from a number of different injuries.

Injuries in Golf typically are caused by one of three things:

  • Physical limitations (how your body moves);
  • Poor Swing Characteristics;
  • Poor fitting Equipment.

In our experience, if your body isn’t moving correctly due to stiff joints, tight/weak muscles, poor posture, or lack of coordination, you will tend to change things during you Golf swing to compensate for these issues. It is therefore vitally important to have your body and Golf swing assessed by a health professional that truly understands the Golf swing and how it may be causing your injuries!

At Thrive Health Co. Dr. Josh is able to use the very assessment tools that are used on the top players on the PGA tour and can identify why this may be causing problems with your swing (and your aches & pains). He can then formulate a plan to get you moving more freely and build up strength where necessary to improve your body and then work with your Golf coach to transition these improvements in to your swing!

Having trouble getting a good turn on your backswing? Here is Golf specific Chiropractor Dr Josh Nelson showing you four key exercises to improve your turn whilst avoiding injuries along the way!

So if you’re sick and tired of always walking off the course stiff or in pain, or simply you just want to improve your game and understand more about how your body is affecting your swing, book an appointment with Dr. Josh or calling one of our amazing support staff on 07) 37160199. (or head to our Book Now page)