Health & Lifestyle Exercise Physiology Sessions at Thrive Health Co.



”We hear you are offering Health and Lifestyle Exercise Physiology Sessions, tell us more”


Rachel – “Yes, I am absolutely thrilled to announce our new offering here at Thrive. These one-on-one in clinic or over the phone Lifestyle sessions are all about dedicating time for our patients to talk through where they are currently at in all areas of health. Through these sessions, patients learn which of their routines, habits and behaviours are either aiding or negatively impacting where they want to be. We explore every area of health including exercise habits, eating habits, daily routines, sleep, breath, wellness and motivation. We then create strategies on how to make the changes that you want but most importantly how to make these changes stick.”


Thrive – ”This sounds incredible, we all can’t wait to book in for a session. What was the reason behind the introduction of these lifestyle sessions?”


Rachel – ”During exercise sessions here at the clinic I found many patients wanting more information on how to make healthy changes. Many noted that they find it hard to implement exercise into their routine, or that they keep sabotaging healthy eating habits and they don’t know why. In most cases it sounds as though patients know what they need to be doing, it’s just how do they make it happen, and how do they stick to it. We found that when we started discussing these areas during our exercise sessions our focus was taken away from muscle activation and re-learning movement patterns. We thought it was time to offer specialised lifestyle sessions.”


”There is so much information out there on what we should be eating, how we should be exercising, how to stay healthy that it can be overwhelming and hard to keep up. These lifestyle sessions help to guide patients to what their body specifically needs and how to make those behaviour changes to get to where they want to be.


Thrive – “So sessions are either performed in clinic or over the phone. How do we book an appointment?”


Rachel – ”Yes we are excited to offer both in clinic and over the phone sessions. We find our over the phone sessions to be quite popular and work well during the day for those managing work schedules and family commitments. It means patients can jump on a call during breaks at work or while commuting. Sessions are also eligible for a Health Fund rebate depending on your extras cover for Exercise Physiology.”


”I’ve been looking forward to helping our patients in this way, I love being able to share my work as an Internationally Accredited Holistic Health Coach alongside eight years experience as an Exercise Physiologist. I really enjoy keeping up to date with the latest research in behaviour, wellbeing and food psychology.”


”To book, click ‘Book Now’ right at the top of the screen or give us a call at Thrive. On socials follow @thrivehealthco for more information on our health and lifestyle sessions. Chat soon!’