Hands up if you haven’t achieved the exercise goals you set out to achieve in 2023?

Can’t stick to your exercise goals? Here’s why…

Across 55 research articles, 14 key factors were found to affect goal adherence.

Answer ‘no’ to any of the below? – this may be why you’re finding it challenging to stick to your goals;


  1. Is your exercise program specifically designed for your body, and movement capacity? Is it evidence-based? Is your program the appropriate duration? Does your program have lots of variety?


  1. Do you have a health care team helping you? An exercise physiologist, chiro, massage therapist, physio? How about a behaviour change therapist or Health and Lifestyle practitioner?


  1. Is your exercise program supervised?


  1. Are you tracking your workouts? Are you recording how many exercise sessions you perform each week.?


  1. Have your barriers to exercise been addressed? Have your current pain, and injuries been assessed? Have your previous habits and recurring patterns around exercise adherence been addressed?


  1. What are your current expectations of your exercises program? Do you know the benefits and risks of your program?


  1. Is your exercise program fun? Does your program include movements that you find enjoyable?


  1. Is your exercise program integrated into your daily life? Is exercise part of your daily routine?


  1. Do you have support from your family and friends?


  1. Are you receiving feedback on your progress and assistance in progressing your exercise program?


  1. Are you monitoring your progress? Have you received objective data on your progress?


  1. What is your perception of what you can do? What is your perception of what you are able to do? Does this align to your current capacity?
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  1. Do you play an active role in your program? How is your discipline?


  1. Do you have goals that you want to achieve?


Answered no to any of the above? Explore these particular areas to improve your exercise program adherence.

Guess what?! Our Health & Lifestyle sessions here at Thrive explore each of these 14 key areas to ensure you are sticking to your exercise and health goals.


Our Health & Lifestyle sessions run by our Accredited Exercise Physiologist Rachel Forbes delve into the reasons why you may finding it challenging to stick to your goals. You will explore your healthy, and unhealthy habits, as well as any patterns that arise when commencing or maintaining your exercise regime. For all information on our Health and Lifestyle Sessions click here


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