Functional Fitness Classes with Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Move better! Function Well with our Functional fitness class with Accredited Exercise Physiologist Rachel Forbes.

Thrive Fusion is a Functional Fitness Class designed to improve your quality of movement, and optimise your function. These classes are designed to commence, supplement or enhance your current exercise plan. If you are moving correctly and well, there is little room for injury.

How well do you move? This 60 minute class takes you through a range of joint positions, challenging your posture, stability and movement efficiency. Whether you are getting back into exercise, if you have chronic pain, or if you are very active, this class is all about self limiting movement, you are only as good as your joint mobility and stability. Do you move well?

It incorporates the best of yoga, pilates, strength and endurance exercise using the theraband wall, resistance bands, suspension bands, kettlebells and free weights to challenge your stability and fundamental movement patterns. Improve your posture and joint stabilisers optimising your function and movement health.

Classes are run by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist Rachel Forbes to ensure the session is tailored to each individual’s condition, and ability.

For a small group size of 4, classes run for 60 minutes.

Move better! Function Well! Book into our Thrive Fusion Classes today and start your journey to a better functioning you! .You can book all of our classes on the MindBody app or book here