Exercise Physiology (EP), what is it and how can it help me?

So what exactly is an Exercise Physiologists (EP) and how can they help me?

Exercise Physiologists (EP’s) use exercise as their treatment modality. They prescribe exercise and exercise programs for a range of conditions such as;

· Cardiovascular

· Metabolic (Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes)

· Neurological

· Kidney, Respiratory/pulmonary

· Mental Health

· Musculoskeletal/Performance/Pregnancy

At Thrive Health Co. we specialise in musculoskeletal health where Rachel Forbes our Exercise Physiologist (EP) works closely with our Chiropractors, Physiotherapist, Massage and Myotherapists to supplement manual therapy treatment. To get you out of pain and back to optimal musculoskeletal health you receive joint adjustment or muscle/soft tissue release. This re-establishes your joint position and structural integrity. Following this hands on treatment, diagnosis and/or acute symptom management you may be referred on to an EP and here is why.

An EP will prescribe exercise for you to perform, in order to maintain this re-aligned joint position or muscle release, helping you to gain optimal posture and muscle activation. For this exercise treatment to be sustainable the EP will ensure these exercises focus on your full body movement patterns, postural abnormalities and movement deficiencies. How?

EP’s conduct a thorough movement assessment at your initial session. You will be asked about your medical and injury history, current condition/s, symptoms, medication and your goals. Your posture and walking pattern will then be analysed and you will be asked to perform a number of body weight movement patterns. The EP will note any reduced joint mobility or stability, to gauge your movement health and injury risk. The movements are specific to you, your condition, pain levels and goals. This holistic appraisal will ensure the full picture is captured to reduce the likelihood of pain or injury re-occurrence.

Whether you have chronic pain, intermittent pain, no pain, perhaps you haven’t exercised for a while, or you exercise a lot, if you’re an athlete, or a weekend warrior, our team at Thrive will help to reduce your pain and/or injury risk. Through assessing your movement and prescribing exercise to maintain optimal joint position, our EP will enhance your movement efficiency ensuring you have a well-rounded exercise program to optimise your body’s performance and overall health.

BOOK for an Initial Assessment with our Accredited Exercise Physiologist Rachel today and she will get you functioning at your best to ensure you gain maximum results, injury free.