Creating Thrive Health Co. Brisbane’s Best Centre for Musculoskeletal Health

I often get asked about why we changed the name of our business from Sherwood Chiropractic to Thrive Health Co. and whether this was something we had only started thinking about recently. The truth is, my ultimate vision when moving with Jemima Nelson (my wife) to Brisbane eight years ago was to always create a centre of excellence for the care and prevention of all Musculoskeletal and Pregnancy/Paediatric related issues.

This meant having an expert team of health professionals that’s sole purpose was to get people out of pain and feeling great in as short of a time as possible. Quite simply this wasn’t completely achievable whilst referring out to a multitude of health practitioners, so the inception of Thrive Health Co was born. We are dedicated to providing our clients with every opportunity possible to have a positive experience and achieve optimum health through a range of services and expert team.

Since opening our doors to the new and improved clinic in late October 2017, I truly believe we have created a complete service for our clients to assist with all their Musculoskeletal needs. Thrive Health Co. is one of only a select few clinics Australia wide to have a team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Massage and Myotherapists, and Pilates instructors all working together and communicating with each other to make sure you are our number one priority! We are passionate about getting you fast results and educating you along the way to empower you to look after your body for the years to come. We only get one body in life, so it is imperative we understand the best ways to create an optimal environment to flourish in!

Even though Thrive Health Co. has been a vision of mine and my wife Jemima’s for over a decade now, we are so appreciative to all the people (predominantly our amazing team and unbelievable patients) that have allowed us to grow at such a rapid rate and to have had such an impact on this amazing community; Chelmer, Graceville, Sherwood, Corinda, Oxley and surrounds. We will strive in the years to come to provide even more great information and health professionals that you can trust with yours and your family’s health care needs and we will always endeavor to communicate back with all health professionals supporting you to ensure your health always comes first.

Our motto within the clinic is simple…. “Why Just Survive, When you can THRIVE!”