Correct positioning for squatting for strength

Let’s talk glute actitvation and strength!

Hey Guys, Courtney here from Thrive health Co. Today I was feeling a little adventurous in the gym and wanted to trial some booty burners. However, the more I scrolled the more frustrated I got. Why? I’ll tell you why. The. Duck. Butt.

Now the duck butt is the easiest way to show a perky butt in 0.2 seconds, however when we start to entertain this posture – walking, sitting, heels etc then imbalances within the pelvis arise and increase the risk of low back injury.

Now, I’m not saying don’t get inspired by Instagram. I’m just saying have a think about the posture and what you are trying to achieve.

When we are in that increased lumbar lordosis, the abdominals and glutes are all in the wrong position to be activated. Instead of pumping the buns, you’re pumping the two salami sausages that extend the spine. Not ideal for your mechanics or your glute gains.

So, for the photo, do what you need to do. But in the meantime, let’s actually strengthen those glutes and give you a bubble butt that will not only look good but enhance posture, pelvis stability, low limb pain and low back pain.

Stay tuned for more videos on correct glute activation that you can try in the gym.