A Better Physiotherapy Experience At Thrive Health Co

Our main focus at Thrive Health is not only on offering highly experienced physiotherapists, available 6 days a week, but also delivering a great physiotherapy experience. In our opinion physiotherapy treatment from an experienced practitioner has an incredible impact on you reaching your recovery or physical health goals sooner. We are able to deliver great outcomes for you as our Physio’s are trained in and use a combination of exercise-based and hands-on manual techniques. As a Physiotherapy patient within our clinic you will always spend the whole treatment time with your practitioner in a private room (no working on multiple people at once with curtains between each table). We also have a functional rehabilitation gym space within the clinic so we can teach you how to move correctly and therefore prevent unnecessary relapses in the future! Our Philosophy – the treatment you need, with the care you deserve.

Why does Thrive Health Co. offer a better experience?

  • Our Physio’s treat you as a person rather than just an injury;
  • We take the time to listen to your needs and health concerns and what your goals and desired outcomes of treatment are;
  • We help you understand what is happening with your body in easy to understand language;
  • Thoroughly assess you to understand what is happening and develop a treatment plan to help you achieve your treatment outcomes;
  • Fully communicate your treatment choices based on the outcomes you want;
  • Neutralise your pain first to give you comfort;
  • Proactive approach to treatment

Our Physiotherapists use a range of the latest techniques:
Our range of physiotherapy related services means that your treatment or performance pathway doesn’t need to stay within the confines of traditional physiotherapy

  • Soft tissue release work;
  • Joint mobilisations;
  • Dry Needling;
  • Kinesiology taping;
  • Ergonomic advice;
  • Postural retraining;
  • Rehabilitative Exercise prescription;

Extensive knowledge and experience in physiotherapy

  • Musculoskeletal and Sports physiotherapy;
  • Spinal and posture physiotherapy;
  • Post-surgery and injury rehabilitation physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy for seniors with focus on osteoporosis and arthritis;
  • Women’s Health Physiotherapy – including pre and postnatal.

Our Physiotherapists also have the ability to cross refer to our other experienced and dedicated team of allied health practitioners at Thrive Health Co. such as Chiropractors, Myotherapists, Remedial Massage Therapists and Exercise Physiologists if they feel it could assist in your rehabilitation and treatment plans.

Our Physiotherapist Mat Britton has over 10 years experience in private practice physiotherapy, working with a range of conditions including sporting injuries, low back pain, headaches, neck pain and post surgical rehabilitation. He has worked in a volunteer role with the Brisbane Roar W League side and the South East Queensland women’s rugby league side. Mat currently works with the Mackay Magpies Crusaders NPL soccer team and has also worked with the Ipswich Knights soccer team. He has also worked with Olympic Games athletes in different sports. Mat has a special interest in running and running related injuries and also participates in marathons and ultra marathons himself. Mat believes in the patient healing themselves through movement and exercise under the guidance of a good health care team. He likes to see clients being active in their rehabilitation whether they are looking at returning to their normal functional ability or chasing an Olympic dream.


Our Physiotherapist Simone Richter has had many years experience and has been a Physiotherapist for QCup Rugby league, Queensland AFL and Capital League I Mens Football/Soccer. In private practice, Simone has seen a variety of athletes including IronMan, marathon competitors, gym goers, boxers, soccer, AFL and rugby league players. She loves any patient that has an active lifestyle and mindset, whether they compete in sports (or did 50 years ago) or just lead an active, healthy life, she believes movement and a positive mindset are the key to optimal physical health. She also has a special interest in Pilates, both clinical and exercise based including mat and reformer. Simone takes mums and bubs classes and completes post-partum assessments to check for abdominal separation and pelvic floor problems, and enjoys helping women return to activity and reduce pain post pregnancy.