Meet local Chiropractor Dr Patrick Brewer

Dr Patrick Brewer


Patrick is an Internationally Certified Sports Chiropractor with strong clinical interest in the treatment of concussion, chronic pain, recurring injuries and weightlifting related issues. He focusses on a thorough assessment and treatment to manage pain quickly and addresses any underlying factors that could be preventing long term recovery. He strongly believes in tailoring treatment to the individual’s needs and goals.

Patrick’s hands on treatment typically uses any combination of joint manipulation (chiropractic adjustments), gentle mobilizations, massage, and trigger point therapy. He typically uses a progressive exercise program to compliment his hands on treatment and facilitate long term results.

Concussion treatment is based on the individual’s assessment but typically includes eye exercises, building exercise tolerance, hands on treatment to the neck and/or strength exercises for the neck.

  • B. Health SC/B. App Sc (Chiropractic) (RMIT)
  • Certified ENHANCE Running Technician
  • Certified Complete Concussion Management Practitioner
  • Certified International Sports Chiropractic Practitioner (FICS)

Outside of working at Thrive Health Co. he enjoys staying fit and being outdoors with his partner Chantel. He enjoys mountain climbing, running, biking, hiking, basketball, fishing and drinking coffee. Patrick is a member of the Australian Chiropractors Association, Sports Chiropractic Australia and The International Federation of Sports Chiropractic.

Patrick enjoys working with people from all walks of life from children through to the elderly, however he has a strong interest in Sports Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.

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