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Parenthood can present us with many little hurdles, particularly in the early days
Babies and toddlers undergo rapid growth and development in the first three years of life.
Some common musculoskeletal problems manifest in babies as;

Flat head
Irritable and fussy behaviour
Poor sleeping patterns
Head favouring position
Latch and Breastfeeding difficulties
Babies who dislike car trips, tummy time or clothes and nappy changes
Head shape irregularities
Not reaching milestones (like rolling or lifting head)
Colic / Reflux, constipation
When your children begin to walk, they can have many falls and any number of these can cause pain and damage their spine or muscles. They can fall off bikes, trees, beds or monkey bars and while this is a regular part of growing up, these falls can cause injury or just general aches and pains. Carrying heavy school bags and long periods of poor posture due to technology are all impacting your child’s spinal health.

Our resident Paediatric and Pregnancy Chiropractor Dr. Jemima Nelson is one of a select few practitioners with postgraduate training in Paediatrics in Australia. She receives referrals from lactations consultants, midwives, speech therapists, and GP’s as her approach is gentle and specific. Jemima strives to provide a holistic approach to your child, which is reflected in their thorough examination process and recommendations.

Jemima keeps up to date with their knowledge and skills by attending yearly seminars on a range of topics from tongue tie, breastfeeding, developmental delay and musculoskeletal problems in children. This gives them the tools to care for their little patients the best way they can.

Jemima uses only gentle techniques on babies and children, and there is no ‘cracking’ or manipulating. Treatment focuses on releasing tightness and restriction with gentle and subtle movements. Jemima and Georgia uses cranio-sacral release work and gentle mobilization techniques. We have had babies only hours old sleep through their first adjustment! Birth is very arduous and traumatic for both mother and baby, so it is important to have your little one assessed for any muscle and joint imbalances.

Dr. Jemima also has a passion for food intolerances in babies and children, particularly during breastfeeding, as she experienced this with her own children.

How can we help with your Paediatric Related Issues?
Paediatric Chiropractic assessments simply focuses on how the spine and associated structures are moving and if any loss of normal movement in a child’s spine is causing pain or other symptoms.

Our Paediatric Chiropractors Dr. Jemima will perform a thorough exam to determine exactly how your child’s spine is functioning then discuss with you how chiropractic care could benefit your child. These techniques are gentle, specific and individualised to each child.

We also have an Accredited Exercise Physiologist that performs a Physical and Motor Development exercise class for 3-12 year olds. The program is designed by our team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologist and aimed at maximising your child’s physical and motor development in a fun and interactive class. Helping to improve postural control and strength, core strength, coordination and balance, muscle tone, motor development and reduce muscle fatigue.