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Do you suffer with heel pain or Hip pain?
We often see patients in our clinic suffering from later (side) hip pain. Hip pain is the general term for pain felt in or around the hip joint. There are a variety of reasons for hip pain, ranging from arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, trauma or tight muscles or other conditions.

Your hip pain can and often is related to your whole lower limb biomechanics and function. A thorough history and assessment should be undertaken by our Physiotherapist to understand the underlying cause of your hip pain as this will determine what type of treatment is best.

How can we help with your hip pain?
The successful treatment of your hip pain requires a thorough and accurate assessment of your whole lower limb biomechanics and function by our Physiotherapist. A specific treatment plan and exercise program will be developed to help strengthen weak muscles and correct any imbalance. Getting a good balance in your treatment and exercise program will help you recover faster.