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Are you living with a slipped disc or other disc injury?
Whether you have received a diagnosis of disc injury or you have pain and unsure if it’s related, you will benefit from Chiropractic Care. Whether your pain is mild or more severe, it’s important to deal with it so it doesn’t progress into something more permanent.

X-rays and Scans can show the extent of the injury. It’s important to know what’s going on, but not always what is shown on the scans is the reason behind your current condition or concerns. It’s so important to have a proper assessment with an experienced Chiropractor to ensure what is shown on the imaging is actually causing your current complaints. Did you know that 80% of 50-year-olds and 37% of 20-year-olds, when given an MRI scan, show that they have disc degeneration or a bulging in their lower-back even with no pain at all.

Too often our practitioners see patients that have been told they need invasive procedures such as surgery because of what is shown on their scans. When after a thorough assessment by one of our experienced Chiropractors, what is found isn’t what is reflective of the images.

How can we help with your Disc pain?
Chiropractic Care for disc injuries has a proven track record for providing you with pain relief in the short-term and recovery long-term. The approach our Chiropractors will take is to perform a thorough assessment of your medical history and x-rays or any scans you have had as well as a physical examination. This will determine the extent of the disc injury and the appropriate direction for treatment.